Baseball Socks (free!)

This pattern was a winner of the 2007 Stitch 'n Pitch Needle Arts Design Contest, sponsored by The National NeedleArts Association.

This is a great knitting project for the ultimate baseball fan. These socks can be knit in two sizes: a larger size for a woman who wears a size 8 shoe or a child who wears a size 6 shoe (with a foot approximately 9 1/4 inches long) and a smaller size for a woman who wears a size 5 1/2 shoe or a child who wears a size 4 shoe (with a foot approximately 8 1/2 inches long).

There are two ways to knit this sock. The first uses a stranded-knitting style and is perfect for the intermediate knitter. The second uses a more complicated technique called "festive knitting" (in which you knit backwards with two colors over small intervals), which is great for the more advanced, adventurous knitter, and has the advantage of creating a stretchier sock that will fit a larger range of feet. Below, directions are given for both. These directions have been further split into socks with and without pinstripes, depending on the team's uniform.

Teams with Pinstripes

Chicago Cubs
New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies
Colorado Rockies
Minnesota Twins
New York Yankees
Chicago White Sox

Stranded Pattern

Festive Knitting Pattern

Teams without Pinstripes

NEW! Tampa Bay Rays
NEW! Brooklyn Dodgers
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Oakland Atletics
Toronto Blue Jays
Altanta Braves
Milwaukee Brewers
St. Louis Cardinals
Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants
Cleveland Indians
Washington Nationals
Baltimore Orioles
San Diego Padres
Pittsburgh Pirates
Texas Rangers
Boston Red Sox
Cincinnati Reds
Kansas City Royals
Detroit Tigers

Stranded Pattern

Festive Knitting Pattern

Sean's Qandahar Gloves (free!)

I designed these gloves for my cousin, Sean, who is a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, and was previously stationed in Afghanistan during their coldest winter on record. I had no idea what military-issued equipment was like, but I'd wanted to send him something personal, so a pair of flip-top gloves seemed just the thing. I tried to make them as warm and as useful as possible. The tips of the middle and the index fingers are open, so he could deal with the fiddly bits on his communications equipment. The mitten tops fold over (to keep his fingers warm) and button down firmly in front. They also button down when folded back, so they won't flap around. The palms are moss (seed) stitch, for extra traction. Of course, because I had to insert a little creativity, the mittens also sport a nice basic cabled pattern.

I should point out that these gloves are useful in other circumstances as well. For example, as the owner of an iPhone, which requires skin contact for the touch screen, normal gloves are useless; however, these are just perfect!

This pattern gives instructions for average-sized men's and women's gloves, with sizing for the women's, if different, shown in italics and parentheses. If making them for heavy use, I recommend using superwash wool, which makes them machine-washable and -dryable. If making them as a gift, I suggest including an extra button.


Reversible Cabled Scarf (free!)

Scarves (I think) should be designed to be worn every which way. Therefore, the ideal designs should be reversible. This pattern shows how to knit a simple, chunky, reversible cabled scarf, about 5" x 60".